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Arrival and Departure


In nearly every situation the house will be ready for you on your arrival and our property management team in the village will undertake a changeover at the end of you stay.  However on the rare occasion when you are opening up or closing down the chalet yourself please note the following;

On Arrival

  • Turn on the water in the basement – see instructions in house information
  • Open all the shutters and secure back against the walls – the downstairs bedroom and kitchen shutters are opened by turning the handles located beside each window.  All others are conventional hinged shutters – open the windows/doors, open the shutters and secure open using the rotating keeps (there’s a knack to them you’ll soon work out!)
  • Adjust the radiator valves in each room as appropriate; setting 2 should be about right.


On Departure

  • Turn all the radiators to the “frost” setting – the icon of an asterisk/snowflake
  • Close and secure all shutters
  • Turn off the water at the main stop tap in the basement utility area
  • Ensure extractor fan main switch in first floor corridor is off
  • Ensure all electrical appliances are unplugged and that all the cooker knobs are at 0