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Simon Hunt

Hi David and Roger. Many, many thanks for letting us stay in your fabulous house in Samoen. I speak on behalf of all us hairy [email protected]?ed (Roger's name for us) bikers when I say we had a tremendous time. The whole area is a playground, for many, the skiing, for the adventurous, the paragliding and WW rafting, for us it was the fabulous roads to play on. The pool was great, tip - don't try and show off , as one if my mates did, by doing a forward roll from the hot tub! Even when sober - it hurts! Superbly equipped kitchen, lovely rooms, comfortable beds and no queues for the loos! Had a lovely meal at the Mezzanine by the two 'nice' gentlemen. A superb trip (not allowed to call it a holiday - we keep our wives happy by calling it that) spoilt only by my lovely BMW dropping its engine oil all over the A26 north of Reims . Rapt least it was o the way home! Thanks again Roger and David, we all loved it! You lucky sods! Best regards Simon. Ps photos to follow.

Jenny Carruthers

I just love Deux Coeurs,and the Scotts are such friendly people - I thoroughly recommend a visit!